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Henry Rollins - High Adventure In The Great Outdoors (Buch)
Henry Rollins - High Adventure In The Great Outdoors (Buch)
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I remember back in 1991 reading this book while I was serving what was called an "in school suspension" I was in 10th grade. I do not think I understood all of it.. but I was captured by the powerful words. Some of what Rollins wrote about I would not understand until later on in my life. I still have the first printing of this book. It is ripped up and even has some blood stains on it in some places. I still pick this book up and try to imagine what it was like for him while he was writing this book. He was much younger than me and hardly famous.


I feel that of all of Henry Rollins work this one allows you to feel his deepest emotions. He had nothing to hide or water down. This was it. The guy lived in a toolshed in someones backyard while writing this book. Check it out.