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Josephine Foster - Graphic As A Star (2LP)
Josephine Foster - Graphic As A Star (2LP)
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Trust In The Unexpected

How Happy Is The Little Stone

She Sweeps With Many-Colored Brooms

Ah, Teneriffe!

Who Is The East?

They Called Me To The Window

This Is The Land The Sunset Washes

Like Mighty Foot Lights

Exultation Is The Going

In Falling Timbers Buried

With Thee In The Desert

I See Thee Better In The Dark

Your Thoughts Don't Have Words Every Day

My Life Had Stood A Loaded Gun

Eden Is That Old-Fashioned House

Beauty Crowds Me Till I Die

I Could Bring You Jewels

Wild Nights Wild Nights!

Only A Shrine, But Mine

Tho' My Destiny Be Fustian

What Shall I Do - It Whimpers So

Heart! We Will Forget Him!

Strong Draughts Of Their Refreshing Minds

Tell As A Marksman

The Spider Holds A Silver Ball

Whoever Disenchants

Touch Lightly Nature's Sweet Guitar



2LP (RSD Release)


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