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Luke Haines - Post Everything: Outsider Rock And Roll (Buch)
Luke Haines - Post Everything: Outsider Rock And Roll (Buch)
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Britain in the late 1990s. Post Britpop. The dawn of the rock and roll apocalypse. If it feels like there's nothing new under the sun, that's because there is nothing new under the sun. After the death of Kurt Cobain popular culture entered, and is still in, its final phase: post everything. "Post Everything" is the sequel to the hugely acclaimed "Bad Vibes: Britpop and My Part in its Downfall". It is a story of survival in the music industry ...and the only way to survive the tyrannical scourge of Britpop is to become an Outsider.


We open with Luke Haines - the 'avant-garde Arthur Scargill' - calling upon the nation's pop stars to down tools and go on strike. We get the story of Haines' post-Britpop art house trio Black Box Recorder (Chas and Dave with a chanteuse) then, barely pausing to put in a brief appearance on Top of the Pops, we meet a talking cat, two dead rappers (Notorious B.I.G. and Tupac Shakur), a mystical England football manager, and a shady transgender German Professor - exponent of a dangerous and radical 'Beatles denial' cult and author of The Theorem of the Moron (the most important book about rock that you've never heard of). Haines even finds time to write a musical for the National Theatre. Blisteringly funny and searingly scathing, "Post Everything" may quite possibly be the first and only truly surreal comic rock memoir. It even contains a killer recipe for scrambled eggs.